L2Eola x1000: Offline
Valzeroth x500 PvP
15 March 2017
Valzeroth X500 Interlude

Season 3 Coming Soon.
After a long and Smooth Season 2 We Decided to make a Wipe in our server, and bring you a Brand new server With Even bigger Community and More fun! Help us with Dates and new Updates on Forum!
Spam For coins Event!
2 FEB 2017
Lineage 2 Eola Staff's,Host Multiple Event's daily in our forum.
Spam Event
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Skype Event
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Advertise Event
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and many more events which happens every day on Lineage 2 Eola Forums
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Twitch Event
2 FEB 2017
Twitch Event
Lineage 2 Eola host an event for the beginners in TwitchTV but also for the experienced ones! You want to broadcast and live stream Lineage 2 Eola?, and be rewarded for it?,join now in our twitch Event and win big prizes and Donation Coins! You're a Streamer with more than 200-250 Views?contact our live support in acp and make a good deal for real money stream!